Tight Budget No Barrier to Quality

Martins Ferry Board of Education officials spent much of their meeting Monday discussing ways to reduce spending. As school Superintendent Dirk Fitch told them, “We’re going to have to watch every nickel and dime and try to make good decisions that are sound for our students’ education, but still fiscally responsible for the voters.”

Indeed. For several years, Martins Ferry school officials have done just that. In doing so, they have at times worked hand-in-hand with teachers’ union members, who have made sacrifices of their own.

But what was most striking about Monday’s meeting was not the in-detail discussion of holding down spending, but something else that happened.

Board members received a letter of congratulations from state Sen. Lou Gentile, who represents the area. Gentile commended the district on it’s “excellent” state rating.

Martins Ferry educators – board members, administrators, teachers and service personnel – have worked as a team to provide excellent schools on a tight budget.

That achievement deserves high praise.