Working Together For Valley’s Good

The hundreds of people who attended the annual Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce dinner Monday night took time for what amounted to a well-deserved pat on the back – for themselves.

Each year during the dinner, the chamber’s activities during the previous 12 months are reviewed. Invariably, the list is long and impressive.

Most chamber members are involved intensively in our communities, often going out of their way to support worthy causes and, when necessary, to oppose initiatives that are not desirable.

But as an organization with enormous clout and resources, the chamber does much more than any individual or company could accomplish.

Events ranging from “after hours” gatherings to full-scale product and service showcases, from the Leadership Wheeling events to the annual Christmas parade are made possible because chamber members harness collective skills to get things done.

In government, the chamber’s clout is exercised relatively rarely – but it gets results because officials recognize the chamber speaks with hundreds of voices, not just one.

Congratulations, then, to Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce officers and members – continuing to work together for the good of the Ohio Valley.