Avoiding Unnecessary Delays for Motorists

One of those little – but avoidable – problems that make people lose faith in government occurred Tuesday.

For a time yesterday, getting out of downtown Wheeling and onto Interstate 70 eastbound was quite a challenge, as an irate caller complained to us.

Repair work on a section of W.Va. 2/U.S. 250 has been in progress for a few weeks, and continued Tuesday. It blocked access to I-70 from 16th Street in downtown Wheeling.

But at the same time, access to I-70 east from Market Street, leading through the Wheeling Tunnel, also was blocked.

That resulted in an inconvenience for many motorists. A Division of Highways official told our reporter the agency was not aware of the simultaneous closing. Clearly, a failure to communicate occurred.

Again, it appears the only effect was to inconvenience motorists. Still, it didn’t have to happen. DOH officials should refine lines of communication to avoid such failures in the future.