Bill Actually Gives Women More Rights

So-called “women’s rights” advocates, who alternatively claim they favor “choice,” have protested part of a state budget bill approved Thursday by Ohio legislators. Even some in the news media have fallen under their sway.

In question is a provision in the budget bill that requires doctors to notify pregnant women seeking abortions in writing if a heartbeat has been detected in the fetus. That’s all the measure requires.

Yet some in the media have said the stipulation would “restrict” abortions. It would not.

In terms of choice, should women not have all the information available – including whether their unborn children’s hearts are beating – before going ahead with abortions? Should that not be a right for pregnant women?

Again, the provision would not ban a single abortion. It would not even delay the procedure, unless women decide to do so.

Legislators were correct to insert the amendment in the budget bill. Gov. John Kasich should not hesitate to sign the measure into law.