Capehart Efforts Improve University

It has been slightly more than six years since Robin Capehart, already with a distinguished career in public service, took the reins as president of what then was West Liberty State College.

Under his leadership, much has changed. The institution now is West Liberty University – and it is doing a better job of serving students, our communities and our state.

West Liberty already was an excellent college when Capehart became president. Since then, however, the institution has been taken to a higher plane. University status, opening of The Highlands center, impressive campus upgrades and implementation of new programs such as one to train physician assistants are among WLU’s accomplishments.

Tuition at WLU remains a true bargain for young people. The university’s programs are geared toward providing educations that will help graduates land good jobs. A new plan to ensure students are learning what they need is in place.

Leadership in research also has occurred during Capehart’s tenure.

None of this would have happened without hard work and dedication among thousands of people. Still, Capehart provided effective, forward-looking leadership – and for that, he deserves enormous praise.