Churches’ Concerns Are Being Ignored

Leaders of 18 Christian church denominations in Ohio are challenging the new national health care law. Their concerns, along with those of millions of other Americans, deserve a fair hearing.

Unfortunately, it appears President Barack Obama and others in his administration have no intention of allowing that.

Members of the Ohio Council of Churches last week expressed concern about “Obamacare” provisions they consider infringements upon religious freedom. One specific objection is the law’s requirement on contraceptives and what some Christians consider to be abortion-inducing drugs.

They are right. But it appears the White House already has decided not to discuss the point. The Health and Human Services Department insists it is trying to find a balance between “providing (insurance) coverage to women” and religious concerns.

That is not the point at all, of course. Health insurance for women would barely change if the church groups’ concerns are addressed. They have sought an honest dialogue – and been rebuffed.