Pool Effort Shows Community Spirit

Several weeks ago, it appeared the Belleview Pool in Steubenville would not be open this summer. As we have reported, financial challenges left public officials convinced the facility could not operate this year.

But swimmers are enjoying the pool now and a celebration of its official reopening was held Saturday.

Community leaders did not hesitate to spring into action earlier this year when city officials said the pool would have to remain closed. A Save Our Pool committee was formed. Individuals and businesses joined an ongoing effort to raise money needed to prepare and operate the pool.

At one point, it was estimated $40,000 would be needed to get the pool open for this summer. Some of the money already has been raised. There is no reason to believe the remainder will not be forthcoming.

Ohio Valley residents are accustomed to facing challenges. We are used to being told a worthwhile goal simply cannot be met.

Yet time after time, local people rally to do good things. The Belleview Pool campaign is just the most recent example of the power of community spirit.