Protect Americans From Our President

If you think President Barack Obama’s war on the coal industry and reasonably priced electricity has been bad thus far – and it has – brace yourself. Obama’s first five years in office may be viewed as the good old days by Americans about to suffer an intensified assault.

Obama planned to use a speech at Georgetown University today to outline new actions on the environment. To judge by the president’s own comments recently, along with statements by an Environmental Protection Agency official, harsh new initiatives will be launched against the coal industry.

Power plants that burn coal will be singled out for special harassment.

Obama seems to have caved in entirely to radical environmentalists who want the United States to abandon use of all fossil fuels, starting with coal. They simply don’t care about the impact that will have on tens of millions of Americans who will pay more for electricity – and face massive loss of jobs in some regions, including West Virginia and Ohio.

Deaf to such humanitarian concerns, Obama is set to plow ahead with new limits on coal-fired power plants.

His plan may well be unconstitutional. It certainly is irresponsible – and Congress simply should not allow the White House to proceed.