Wheeling Needs A Dog Park

Wheeling really does need a dog park, as several local residents have pointed out by forming an organization to promote the project.

For some time, we have been urging such a park – an enclosed area where dog owners can allow their pets to run free and play with other canines and humans – be established. City officials seem receptive.

Now there may be a way to fund it. The PetSafe company is conducting a contest, with the winner to receive $100,000 for a dog park. As a result of online votes cast at the PetSafe website (see box), Wheeling is one of 15 finalists nationwide for the prize.

Even if Wheeling does not win the grand prize, there are four other awards of $25,000 each. With 15 cities in competition, the odds are excellent.

In addition to being a service to local pet owners, a dog park would be part of the city’s economic development toolkit. One really should be established.

You can help. We encourage you to cast a vote in the PetSafe contest. To learn more about plans for the local facility, go to www.wheelingdogpark.com. Let’s win the money and build that dog park!