Don’t Let Political Correctness Rule

During the 2010-11 school year, Wood County, W.Va., Board of Education members decided to think outside of the box. Political correctness has forced them back inside it.

Some single-gender classes were offered at one of the county’s middle schools. That brought a few parents, backed by the American Civil Liberties Union, down on the school system. Claims of gender discrimination were heard.

No such thing was going on. School officials were merely reacting to research indicating that in some situations, students learn better in single-gender classrooms.

This summer, a federal judge approved an agreement whereby the school board will not offer single-gender classes for at least two years. Apparently, officials erred in how they went about setting up such classes. The judge did not find anything illegal about the practice itself, however.

If children sometimes learn better in single-gender classrooms, such opportunities should be made available – everywhere, not just in Wood County. Most classes probably should be mixed, simply because that is the nature of society itself, but political correctness should not be the ruling factor.