Politically Correct Attitude Dangerous

Apparently, U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash., believes political correctness is vastly more important than keeping terrorists from killing Americans.

McDermott, who hails from Seattle, reacted angrily to a new FBI advertising campaign attempting to gain tips about terrorists from the public.

“Faces of Global Terrorism” posters are being circulated by the FBI. Some of them have been put up in Seattle. They feature pictures of 16 men the FBI considers to be among the most dangerous terrorists in the world.

But McDermott wants the FBI to take the posters down because they are “offensive.”

All but one of men whose pictures are featured are Muslims who appear to be of Middle Eastern descent. Just one is a white man. McDermott insists that amounts to stereotyping and is unfair to all Muslims.

It is not, of course. Like it or not, the overwhelming majority of terrorists doing their bloody work throughout the world are Middle Eastern Muslims.

McDermott’s rant was, of course, disgusting. But even more incredible was the FBI’s reaction to it.

Reportedly, the agency is calling a halt to the “Faces of Global Terrorism” campaign. At least we’ll all be politically correct – even if we’re dead.