Public Servants’ Work Pays Off

Sometimes, as news stories about waste and inefficiency in government seem to surface on a near-daily basis, it is easy to forget the excellent, dedicated work performed by some in the public sector.

An example was provided this week.

In April, a hiker found human bones near an abandoned farmhouse in Ohio County. An investigation was launched by the sheriff’s department, which enlisted the West Virginia Medical Examiner’s Office in attempting to identify the remains.

Officials there quickly sought help from forensic anthropologists at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

Within days, the body was identified as that of David Bazo, 50, who disappeared while visiting local relatives in August 2011. Sheriff Pat Butler has said Bazo appears to have been murdered.

Until those responsible are arrested, the case will not be over. But good work by local, state and federal government employees in identifying Bazo is deserving of praise.