Keeping Children Safe From Danger

A Moundsville youngster may be glad he listened to advice about what to do in threatening situations.

As we reported Wednesday, the child was riding his scooter in a school parking lot when someone in a car drove up and tried to entice the boy to get in. When the driver opened his car door, the lad started for his nearby home.

Then the driver attempted to use his car to block the boy’s path. At that point the child began yelling – and the man drove off.

The boy’s presence of mind and quick thinking may have prevented him from being abducted.

But someone – presumably his parents – had educated him with effective reactions to such a situation. Thank heaven for that.

The episode is a reminder to parents and educators in our area to ensure children know what to do in all sorts of dangerous situations. If you have children, take a few minutes to give them such practical self-defense information.