Protest May Focus Public on Abortion

Clearly, the rally staged Tuesday in Charleston by a coalition of abortion supporters was intended as a preemptive strike. If so, it may have been a mistake.

A press release promoting the rally was issued by the American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood, the state Coalition Against Domestic Violence and other organizations. They claimed the event was “to protest the recent efforts by West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey to limit a woman’s access to abortion care in the state.”

Just one problem with that: It isn’t true.

Earlier this year, Morrisey’s office sent questionnaires to the two abortion clinics doing business in West Virginia. Both are in Charleston.

Morrisey’s office asked the clinics for information on their policies and practices. The attorney general has not suggested anything that might limit the clinics’ activities.

Both clinics refused to respond to Morrisey.

Pro-abortion organizations would prefer such clinics operate below the radar of public attention. Defending them is as simple as claiming there is a threat – whether one exists or not – to women’s “right to choose.”

But the organizations’ protest may backfire, simply by making some West Virginians wonder what they and the abortion clinics have to hide.