Giving Time To Help Others

For many years, the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley has kicked off its annual fundraising campaign with an event that minimizes the importance of money. It is the annual Day of Caring, and it is a highly appropriate reminder of the human factor in supporting local charities.

Day of Caring, in its 22nd year, enlists volunteers to provide help to United Way affiliates. More than 300 people agreed to participate in the event this year.

Volunteers will spend the day helping charities with many tasks, ranging from making repairs and improvements to buildings to organizing materials used by the agencies. That accomplishes two things: First, it gives the charities needed help for which they do not have to pay. Second, it exposes scores of local residents to the wonderful work done by charities affiliated with the United Way.

Twenty-nine charitable organizations in Brooke, Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel and Belmont counties are affiliated with the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley. Most of them will be making use of the Day of Caring volunteers, freeing up their own staffs and resources for other work.

The United Way’s annual fundraising campaign is critically important, of course. Again, however, Day of Caring is an appropriate way to kick off the initiative without involving monetary donations because it emphasizes the compassion of Ohio Valley residents.

Those volunteering for Day of Caring show their concern for the good of others is deep enough that they give of their most precious resource – time. For that reason, each and every one of the volunteers deserves high praise.