Probe Explosives On Woman’s Farm

Local and state law enforcement agencies in Belmont County should waste no time in investigating a Lansing-area property owner’s report she found explosive devices on her property.

As we reported Sunday, Sandy Putorek, who owns about 30 acres of land near Lansing, discovered the devices. She believes they were placed there by a company testing for natural gas deposits.

But Putorek did not authorize any testing, much less use of explosives that apparently were left on her land.

She is upset – and very rightly so.

The company involved, Global Geophysical Services, said it is working to rectify the situation. That will not be easy.

In addition to Putorek’s anger that someone placed the explosives on her land without her permission, a public safety concern exists. What if someone, perhaps children, had discovered the devices and accidentally detonated them?

It may be that a simple mistake involving incorrect maps caused the problem on Putorek’s property. But mistakes that may threaten public safety should not be tolerated in Belmont County.