Reassure Public Children Are Safe

School administrators and boards of education almost always act quickly and decisively to safeguard the children in their care. It’s just that sometimes, their action is taken so discreetly the public doesn’t hear about it.

On Sept. 10, employees at the Harrison Hills City School system bus garage found a kindergartner on a school bus after it had returned from its runs. The child had fallen asleep and not been noticed.

That happened because the bus driver, Lydia Millis, failed to follow official procedures, school Superintendent Dana Snyder said.

During their meeting last week, board of education members voted to terminate Millis’ employment. The action was taken publicly and was reported.

Often in such situations elsewhere, bus drivers and other school personnel are fired or otherwise disciplined, but the action is taken behind closed doors. Reporters know only that a school employee was disciplined, but they are unable to tell readers the details.

That leads to rumors of favoritism and coverups.

School officials who take such action privately are safeguarding children, but attempting to protect ex-employees from ridicule, too.

Harrison Hills officials did the right thing in reassuring the public.