United Way Is Very Good Cause

Ohio Valley residents are bombarded with requests to make donations to worthy causes. Whether the charity helps local people and uses money efficiently often guides us in our reactions.

On those scores, the clear winner for local donors is the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley.

Last week, the United Way kicked off its annual fundraising campaign. The goal this year is $777,777.

That certainly is a lot of money – but it will do a lot of good.

Twenty-nine local organizations are affiliated with the United Way. Services they provide in Ohio, Brooke, Marshall, Wetzel and Belmont counties touch tens of thousands of area residents. In all likelihood, you know someone who benefits from a United Way affiliate.

Among those helped are people who need health care services but can’t afford them, families in need of warm clothes for the children, and men and women who, down on their luck through no fault of their own, need a hot meal.

Children who need “big brothers” and “big sisters” are helped. Victims of domestic violence are safeguarded. Those coping with physical challenges are assisted. Senior citizens are aided in a variety of ways.

All this and more is accomplished by United Way agencies.

Nearly all the money raised in the United Way campaign stays right here at home.

Pledges and donations will be sought during the next few months, in a variety of ways. Many companies allow employees to make pledges that are fulfilled by having small amounts withheld from each paycheck.

If you are asked to make a donation or pledge to the United Way of the Ohio Valley, you can do so in the knowledge you are accomplishing real good for local residents.

Please, consider helping the United Way. If you would like to obtain additional information or arrange to make a contribution, you can call the United Way at 304-232-4625 or visit the agency’s website at www.unitedwayov.org.