Getting Local Family In Home for Holidays

If you are a homeowner, do you remember what it felt like to wake up that first time in a home of your own? It was an even happier moment when you woke up in your new home for that first Thanksgiving and Christmas, wasn’t it?

The Wheeling Area Habitat for Humanity organization is trying to make that moment a reality for a Wheeling mother and her three daughters, and the group needs help. They are holding a “Final Push Saturday” to finish construction on a home being built for that family at 97 33rd St. in South Wheeling.

They’ve put a call out for volunteers to come to the site, with their tools, on Saturday, Oct. 26, from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. Volunteer skills particularly needed include those of finish carpenters, plumbers, painters, concrete finishers and electricians.

Please consider donating your time and talent for this worthy cause to assure that family’s dreams come true. Consider it an early Christmas present, to them and to yourself.

Just call Habitat Board Secretary Lisa Werner at 304-234-9221 and she’ll be happy to register you.