Hold Drug Forum In Steubenville

Drug abuse, once a critical problem in just a few Ohio counties, seems to have become a higher priority statewide.

That may be because police are reporting more raids on methamphetamines “labs.” It may be due to an increase in drug overdose deaths during the past few years. Or it may have something to do with an upsurge in street violence linked to the drug trade.

Whatever the reason for increased attention, it is good news.

State Attorney General Mike DeWine deserves enormous credit for tackling some of the lesser known threats, such as sale of synthetic drugs as “bath salts,” “incense” or other harmful substances. Now DeWine is stepping up his involvement. He plans to hold community forums throughout the state to discuss how to fight drug abuse and related crime.

DeWine plans 10 forums. One should be held in Steubenville, which has suffered terribly from drug abuse during the past few years.

Unfortunately, the epidemic of drug abuse has proven difficult to combat in many states, including West Virginia. Let’s hope DeWine and other state policy makers can come up with new approaches.