Increase Revenue At Shadyside Pool

Shadyside municipal swimming pool manager Melanie Haswell is right to be proud of the facility and determined to keep it open as a public service. But Village Council members are right, too, in their concern about finances.

Haswell attended the Monday night council meeting to discuss a conversation about pool finances held during a previous gathering. The gist was that the pool lost about $17,000 this summer.

“We have a clean, safe environment that kids can go to,” Haswell told council, adding, “It’s not going to be a money maker.”

No one seems to disagree with her on that. Still, council members’ concern about finances is understandable. Keeping the municipal budget in balance is one of their key responsibilities.

Mayor Bob Newhart told Haswell he doesn’t expect the pool to turn a profit, “but I expect a lot more community support.”

He may have been referring to sale of season passes, which lagged this year in comparison to 2012.

Haswell agreed more active efforts need to be made to market season passes, and thus, to increase revenue at the pool.

Precisely that should be done this winter and next spring. Residents of Shadyside and the surrounding area seem to support the pool and probably will buy more passes. The pool should be kept open – and can be without becoming a major liability for the village budget.