Aid Flood Victims In Marshall County

Scores of residents of Maxwell Acres and other housing developments near Moundsville have suffered substantial, in some cases devastating, losses because of flooding during the past few years. They need help.

After many of the homeowners banded together as the Hillview Run Watershed Association, they sought help from Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin. His office referred them to the state Conservation Agency, which is studying the cause of flooding in the area.

Heavy rain in 2009 and again last July simply overwhelmed storm drains serving the area, many residents believe. Though the drains once were adequate, additional development in the area, along with damage and obstructions in some drains, have made the problem more severe.

Obviously, it will be necessary to prepare an engineering study to pinpoint problems that result in flooding and to detail what needs to be done to resolve the problem. That will not happen overnight.

But once it is completed, Tomblin should find a way, possibly using state and federal funding, to provide the help being requested.