ATVs, Children Can Be Dangerous Mix

A well-liked 13-year-old, Dominick Nardo of St. Clairsville, is being mourned this week. The boy died in an all-terrain vehicle accident Tuesday.

Nardo was not the first local child to be killed or hurt badly in an ATV accident. Such tragedies have become all too frequent.

For some reason, adults who would never allow their children to take chances with devices such as power tools or firearms do not take the same precautions with ATVs.

It is not at all uncommon to see children, even some pre-teens, racing ATVs around uneven terrain at high speed. Many have no idea of the risks they are taking.

Some adults seem blind to the potential hazards of ATVs, too. That can make the machines more dangerous than, say, guns.

If you own an ATV, we beseech you: Don’t permit children to ride it except under close supervision. Insist the machine be ridden safely – or not at all.