Begin Anti-Bullying Campaigns Sooner

West Virginia has had a formal ban on bullying in schools since 2001. Every county board of education is required to have an anti-bullying policy. Most schools have specific programs to combat the problem.

Yet it persists. Some experts say nearly one-fourth of children experience bullying in some form.

One reason for that may be that anti-bullying programs start too late.

For example, one program being emphasized in Marshall County this month attempts to create a “culture of kindness” for students. Those in grades 6-12 will hear a presentation on it Wednesday.

But bullying starts much sooner than 6th grade. We hear reports of it even among pre-school children.

Obviously, children that young should have a “culture of kindness” instilled in them by their parents. If that fails, however, school officials may need to do more – starting, again, with the very youngest children in their care.