Repairs Set For Cameron School

CAMERON – School officials at Cameron High School are using the Thanksgiving break to fix several building issues recently addressed by the Marshall County Board of Education.

Leaks reported in a second floor classroom and the school’s auditorium were presented to the board this month during a meeting with the school’s Local School Improvement Council, which were later confirmed by officials.

Workers could be seen Monday addressing the leak in the auditorium, which officials said was caused by condensation on a valve in the school’s HVAC system. According to Principal Jack Cain, workers were insulating a pipe above the auditorium, which he said should stop the buildup of condensation.

Officials also addressed reported warping of the auditorium stage floor, explaining several “Poly Balls” or bubbles in the floor’s polyurethane finish could have been mistaken for water damage. Several of these bubbles, which can be caused by the expansion and contraction of a wood floor, could be seen along the stage surface Monday. Cain said the floor will be buffed this week, which should eliminate the bubbles. Cain also reported the leak in the auditorium did cause a noticeable water stain on the stage floor, but was easily wiped up.

Cain also reported the stage curtains could be damaged if touched by water from leaks, mopped floors or even perspiration on someone’s hand, which is why he said staff was concerned about any water getting on the stage.

Cain said Kalkreuth Roofing and Sheet Metal was at the school Friday to investigate the leak in the second-floor classroom. Some minimal damage could be seen including a few water-damaged posters on the wall and a light stain on the carpet. He said the company will come back this week to put in a patch over the leak.

“When it’s raining and the wind blows the rain in a certain direction, it will leak,” Cain said. “Kalkreuth has patched any leaks as we go along. They’ve been really good about that, but this last leak has been tricky. What’s good about hiring local companies is they’ve come out and fixed things quickly.”

In addition, workers were seen switching the hinges of the business technology room on the second floor to make the doors more handicap accessible in order to comply with state code.