Force EPA to Face Harm It Is Causing

Government agencies too often adopt a laser-like focus on enforcing and rationalizing their rules, with little or no concern for what the military calls “collateral damage.”

President Barack Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency provide an excellent example of that unreasonable approach to policy. Claiming they must act to stop global warming, they are involved in a campaign that will affect tens of millions of Americans adversely.

It is time someone forced the EPA to take into account the very unpleasant side-effects of its initiative aimed at drastically reducing the amount of electricity generated from coal-fired power plants.

This week, the locally based Murray Energy Co. revealed it is attempting to do just that. Murray is filing a lawsuit against the EPA to force it to comply with federal law that requires the agency to take into account jobs that will be destroyed by its policies.

Obama and EPA officials clearly hope the public will believe anti-coal policies affect only miners. That would be bad enough. But the agency’s actions will increase electric bills dramatically for tens of millions of people and businesses, killing many jobs outside the coal industry.

Murray Energy should pursue the lawsuit and, if necessary, others, vigorously. It is long past time that the EPA was forced to acknowledge the harm its policies will cause.