School Cancellations Were Right Decision

Even before the snow began falling Thursday, some local school superintendents decided to cancel classes for the day. As the afternoon progressed, it appeared many area roads were safe for travel, though that changed as the evening progressed.

Good for the superintendents who canceled school.

It needs to be remembered that late Wednesday night, the forecast was for a substantial amount of snow on Thursday, with most of it falling during the afternoon hours. It also should be kept in mind that while lower-lying highways did not appear dangerous that afternoon, roads along many of the ridges school buses must travel had become hazardous.

Superintendents and transportation directors were faced with the possibility they might be able to get students to schools that morning – then be forced to take risks to get them home.

Those who canceled classes, then canceled them again today, did exactly the right thing.

As we have recommended many times, the automatic call school officials should make when there is any hazard in holding classes is to cancel them. The safety of our children and grandchildren always – always – comes first.