Teachers Can Be Life Savers, Too

Two children were shot, with one wounded badly, when a fellow student at a New Mexico middle school opened fire with a shotgun on Tuesday.

Eighth-grade teacher John Masterson may well have saved lives. With a shotgun pointed at him, he walked up to the boy and talked him into surrendering. He displayed enormous courage.

How many of us would do that? Sadly, school personnel have to make the choice more frequently than most of the rest of us.

Plenty of accounts of similar heroism by educators are known. Many others have occurred but were never circulated widely because educators stopped armed intruders before they could harm others. Some die in attempts to protect their students.

Good teachers care deeply about ensuring their students learn. They also worry about the well-being of children in general and often try to help those in need.

And too often, they are called upon to display another quality: heroism. God bless those who educate and protect.