Getting Adena’s Books in Order

Like municipal officials in nearly all small towns, those in Adena often worry more about getting results for their constituents than in crossing every bureaucratic “t” and dotting every red tape “i.” But on one critical matter – financial records – that simply will not do.

Ohio Auditor Dave Yost’s office made that clear in placing Adena on its “unauditable” list.

In attempting to conduct a regular audit of village finances for 2011-12, auditors reported several records needed for the task could not be located. The village has been given three months to provide the information and revise its financial records.

Keeping adequate financial records is as important as ensuring the right kind of pipe is available to repair a broken water line. Though no one has accused any Adena official or employee of wrongdoing, regular audits are critical safeguards of the public’s money.

Once Adena officials comply with the auditor’s order, they should take whatever steps are necessary to ensure similar mistakes are not made again.