Governor’s Pain Felt by Too Many

As if West Virginians needed more evidence drug abuse is ravaging our state, it came in a news flash Wednesday: Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin’s brother, Carl, has been charged with a drug offense.

Carl Tomblin, 50, of Chapmanville, is accused of illegal distribution of oxymorphone, a prescription painkiller.

Gov. Tomblin, emphasizing his brother “must be held accountable for his actions,” put what happened in perspective. “I’ve said many times that drug addiction can affect any family – and it has affected mine,” he said.

Too many West Virginians, like the governor, know someone – perhaps closely – who is using drugs illegally. From the flood of heroin in our region to the methamphetamines in southern counties and the painkiller pill epidemic all over the state, the war on drugs has become a crisis.

“I thank you for your prayers during this challenging time,” the governor said.

Because of personal experience, too many West Virginians really do feel the Tomblin family’s pain.