Provide Ohio Schools With More Flexibility

The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting different results, it has been said. Apparently state- and federal-level public school regulators don’t agree.

Ohio public schools have never been more regulated, yet many remain dismal failures. Meanwhile, throughout the state, really good educators are begging, “Just let me teach!”

Gov. John Kasich seems ready to step out of the vicious cycle of ever-increasing state control over schools. In a speech last week, he cited “the need to bring about some deregulation” of schools.

Kasich has not revealed a plan to give schools more flexibility. One example of his thinking reportedly is to eliminate state limits on class sizes and leave that decision up to local boards of education.

The governor understands there is a fine line between burdensome regulation and state rules needed to hold schools accountable. Ensuring that line is not crossed will be difficult.

A few liberals were quick to criticize Kasich’s proposal. Presumably, they think more, not less state interference with classroom teachers would be good.

How’s that been working out for Ohio? Not well. Kasich should pursue his plan.