Deter Day Care Abuse of Children

An Ohio day care operator who mistreated the children in her care is getting off with a light slap on the wrist.

Police arrested Tammy E. Eppley, 38, of Westerville after she bragged about drugging children at her center to make them drowsy and easier to manage. Eppley allegedly mixed Benadryl and melatonin in cupcakes and other snacks she fed the children.

There have been no reports of children from the center requiring medical treatment – but that is not the point. Eppley drugged them.

On Monday, a Franklin County Municipal Court judge fined Eppley $250 and sentenced her to 180 days in jail – but suspended the sentence. One stipulation is that she not operate a day care center for two years.

She should have been forced to serve some time in jail and banned from ever again operating a day-care center.

The judge’s leniency sends a message to other day care operators that mistreating children may not result in severe punishment, as long as they suffer no lasting harm.