Get Involved in Plan For Revitalization

For any plan to redevelop downtown Wheeling to work, “stakeholders” – people concerned about the area, whether they live or do business there or not – will have to be involved. Another opportunity for that to happen is scheduled for this afternoon.

A public meeting to discuss a “community image” for downtown Wheeling will begin at 5 p.m. today on the third floor of the Artisan Center at 1400 Main St. It is being coordinated by Downtown Wheeling Inc.

In essence, a marketing strategy is involved. That is, the meeting will deal with suggestions for ways to stress the downtown district’s assets and potential. Downtown Wheeling Inc.’s goal is to develop both the tools for a marketing campaign and strategies for pursuing it.

Image seems to be everything in economic development these days. Local residents and business people understand downtown Wheeling has enormous potential – but convincing others, including those who may participate in redevelopment, of that is crucial.

If you are interested in the district’s future, then we encourage you to attend the meeting this afternoon.