Habitat for Humanity Helps West Virginians

Among the most important, effective, compassionate programs to help families of limited means is Habitat for Humanity. In many ways it does more good than any government “welfare” initiative.

Area residents have been familiar with Habitat for many years. Most of the time, Habitat has a home under construction somewhere in our area.

Houses built through the program go to low-income families who probably could not have afforded their own homes without help. Typically, dozens of volunteers help in the construction process. Companies often provide materials or specialized help such as heavy equipment. Low-interest mortgages are made available.

But the program is not a giveaway. Far from it: Families receiving Habitat houses are required to provide substantial amounts of their own labor. If they are not willing to work, they are not even considered.

In the end, the great American dream of home ownership is fulfilled for deserving, hard-working families. The lives of men and women – and, perhaps most important, their children – are improved.

On Saturday, with dedication of a Habitat home in Morgantown, the organization celebrated completion of its 700th house in West Virginia. That is quite a record of helping Mountain State residents.

Congratulations, then, to everyone – volunteers, companies, financial institutions and others -involved in Habitat for Humanity.