Is Time Expired On Parking Meters?

When downtown shopping districts in our area were booming, parking meters were important not just to produce revenue for communities but also to assist businesses. The idea was to discourage people from parking their cars on the street and leaving them there all day or evening, while shoppers searched in vain for parking spaces.

Bellaire Village Council members talked this week about removing parking meters to cut municipal expenses.

Councilman Josh Meyer said parking meters will cost the village about $2,200 this year – without even considering expenses for municipal employees who work with the meters.

The cost-benefit equation is not that simple, however. Another consideration is whether eliminating meters would cut into revenue from the village parking lot.

Clearly, council members need a better idea of just how removing meters would affect finances.

At the same time, they should consult local business owners. If removing the meters affects businesses adversely, village revenue from that source could be cut. That would defeat the whole purpose of eliminating the meters.