Local Police Merit Praise for Arrest

Police in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., had been looking for Charles Severance for several days. Though a warrant for his arrest had been out for some time, Severance eluded authorities.

Then he made a serious mistake. He came to Wheeling.

Asked by Virginia authorities to apprehend Severance, Wheeling police, working with the FBI, did so in a matter of minutes. They went to the Knights Inn downtown, where they learned he had gone to the Ohio County Public Library. He was arrested there.

It turns out Severance is a suspect in three murders in Alexandria, Va. He is being held here as extradition proceedings take place.

The Severance case has received national attention, because of Virginia authorities’ desire to question Severance in connection with the murders. A spotlight has been shown on how effectively Wheeling police handle their duties.

Local law enforcement agencies handle any number of sensitive cases, too often involving violent offenders. Apprehending Severance was, one might say, all in a day’s work for local officers. Good for them for showing law enforcement peers how it’s done.