Making Way For Second Superload

For a time last month, all anyone in the local area could talk about was the so-called “superload” that would be traveling through our area. How would it make the tight turns on W.Va. 86? Would the roads simply crumble under its half-million-pound weight? Would traffic come to a standstill in Marshall County?

Thankfully, none of those things happened. In fact, the superload – it actually is what’s known as a de-ethanizer, used to separate ethane from the natural gas stream – went so smoothly that Williams Energy already is planning for the next tower to come to our area.

A Williams official told our reporter earlier this week that a second de-ethanizer would be making its way at some point this month via rail car from Houston, Texas, to the CSX rail yard in Benwood. From there, it will travel the same route as the first superload to the company’s Oak Grove facility. That trip took three days, at an average speed of about 4 mph, with no real issues.

A second de-ethanizer is good economic news for the region, as Williams’ Oak Grove facility represents a massive investment in the area’s future. We encourage local residents to get out and watch the load pass. It’s a sight to see.