Obamacare Website Far From Repaired

President Barack Obama and other liberals brag frequently that problems with the Obamacare website – www.healthcare.gov – have been corrected. That will come as news to many Ohioans who are being denied health insurance because of the website.

Ohio was among states agreeing to expand its Medicaid program to provide health insurance to low-income people. About 80 percent of Medicaid applications from Buckeye State residents have been processed.

That is good for those people, because the deadline for signing up for insurance under Obamacare is March 31.

The news is not so good for about 106,000 Ohioans who applied for Medicaid through the federal website. Those applications were supposed to have been transferred automatically to the state Medicaid program.

It has not happened.

Obamacare supporters continue to blame critics of the program for lagging insurance signups, despite ample evidence that is not valid.

The truth is, Obamacare itself is its own worst enemy.