Ohioans Misled About Obamacare

With the list of broken promises about Obamacare growing longer by the day, it should come as no surprise to Ohioans that they are affected directly by one hollow pledge.

Included in the law is a provision for states to expand their Medicaid programs. Leaders in all 50 states were assured doing so would actually save them money.

In Ohio, it was estimated expanding Medicaid would save the state about $400 million a year. That would come from lower Medicaid reimbursement rates to health care providers, less cost to treat prison inmates and a boost in sales tax collections, General Assembly members were assured.

This week state Budget Director Tim Keen told lawmakers, “We thought that was a good number at the time. But things have happened.” Those things include changes in both state and federal Medicaid policies, Keen said.

And no, he told legislators, he does not know how much less than $400 million the savings will be. He does know the amount will be lower, however.

General Assembly members should be furious – in part because it probably is too late to back away from Medicaid expansion. Tens of thousands of Ohioans already have been added to the program.

If nothing else, Keen’s admission reinforces something many Ohioans already suspected: None of the promises about Obamacare can be believed.