Setting an Example On County Spending

Ohio County commissioners did something good and, in government, unusual in approving a county budget for fiscal 2015.

Commissioners have approved a $12,994,888 budget for the year beginning July 1. That is $609,674 more than for the current year.

As county Administrator Greg Stewart explained, some costs for next year will be up substantially. For example, commissioners have agreed they will take over operation of the emergency dispatching center that serves Ohio County, including Wheeling. That will save the city some money, but add nearly $400,000 to county expenses.

Commissioners also agreed to provide more money for the Ohio County Library and for local fairs and festivals.

But they made one substantial budget cut – to themselves. Spending for the commissioners’ office will decrease by $71,500 next year, to a total of $618,000.

Good for Commissioners Orphy Klempa, Tim McCormick and Randy Wharton and Administrator Stewart for setting a good example for others in government.