Easter Ends Long Winter of the Soul

With fingers crossed, many area residents are hoping spring is finally here. We certainly had more than enough of the long, snowy, cold winter.

More than 2,000 years ago, many religious people felt the same, in a way. God had promised a glorious spring for the soul, in the form of a Messiah. When would He come?

Today, hundreds of millions of Christians throughout the world celebrate not just Jesus Christ’s arrival, but the fulfillment of a promise.

It is Easter Sunday, on which Christians celebrate a promise kept. Jesus lived among us as a man, preaching of Christian compassion, love of God and the prospect of eternal life.

Then He was crucified and even some of his loyal disciples faltered in their faith. How could the Son of God be killed?

But on a wonderful morning two millennia ago, Jesus’ tomb was found to be empty. And, as some of those same disciples reported, He was resurrected. The promise was kept.

Today, on the happiest, most hope-filled day of the year, Christians celebrate and revel in what happened that day when, in effect, a long, hard winter of the soul ended in the beautiful, warm sunshine of Christ rising from the dead.

The weather forecast for today, Easter Sunday 2014, is for sunny skies and warm temperatures. What Easter means is that for Christians, it’s always that way.

Happy Easter.