Good for Those Who Get Involved

It appears police in Daytona Beach Shores, Fla., were able to apprehend two East Ohioans who are suspects in a murder because a Buckeye State tourist decided to get involved.

Initial reports were that Florida police were tipped off of the presence of Matthew Dowdel and Eve Kelley because a tourist visiting their city from Ohio recognized their vehicle and its license plate number. The two, suspects in the murder of Joseph M. Strother of Cadiz, were pursued and arrested.

After being pulled over, the two fled from police – but an alert Floridian intervened to block Dowdel’s escape long enough for police to catch up to him.

Whether bystanders are willing to get involved to help vicims of violence and assist police is an ongoing debate. Many people simply don’t want to risk being harmed themselves and/or are not willing to go out of their way to intervene.

Fortunately, this case was different. It may well have been a happy coincidence that the Ohio woman, with some familiarity concerning the murder case, was in Daytona Beach Shores. Her willingness to help is praiseworthy, as was the courage shown by the Floridian.

Thank heaven many people are willing to get involved. Such good Samaritans are an enormous blessing.