Help Find Cameron Cemetery Vandals

With any luck, someone knows something that will help the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department bring to justice the perpetrator(s) of an outrageous act of vandalism at a cemetery.

As we have reported, deputies are investigating damage to several grave sites and monuments at the Highland Cemetery in Cameron. It occurred last weekend when someone in a pickup truck drove off the road onto the grass in the cemetery, then got stuck there. Someone else, driving a white car, went to the cemetery to help get the truck out of the mud.

In the process, several grave stones were knocked over and deep ruts were left in the ground. Dozens of gravesites were damaged, Sheriff Kevin Cecil said. A substantial amount of work will be required to make repairs.

Cecil’s department already has some evidence. It is believed the truck involved is a GMC model. And, again, someone noticed the white car. The sheriff noted his deputies collected some evidence at the scene.

Cecil is asking that anyone with information about the episode call his department, at 304-843-1500. Even seemingly insignificant information may help break the case. If you have seen or heard something that may help the sheriff’s department, we join Cecil in urging you to help bring to justice those responsible for a despicable act of destruction.