Judge Correct In DUI Sentence

Kenneth Eugene Cunningham should be no threat to the traveling public for the next five years. Clearly, however, he has been one in the past.

On Monday in Belmont County Common Pleas Court, Cunningham, 43, of Neffs, was found guilty of his 10th charge of driving under the influence.

That earned him a five-year jail sentence. In handing it down, Judge Frank Fregiato may have voiced a concern many area residents have about repeat DUI offenders. “I’m shocked that you’ve been permitted to walk around the streets of this county,” Fregiato said.

Precisely. Too many people with multiple DUI convictions continue to drive cars and trucks on Ohio and West Virginia highways. They are menaces to the rest of us.

Sending Cunningham to jail for five years accomplishes two things: Again, it prevents him from driving while intoxicated for the next five years. It also sends a message to other repeat DUI offenders that police and judges are getting tougher on scofflaws like them.

Good for Fregiato and judges who think as he does.