Rewarding Problem Employees at IRS

Worried some mistake you made on your tax return will bring the wrath of the Internal Revenue Service down on you? Try going to work for the tax agency. Officials there may give you a bonus.

IRS officials, always on the lookout to ensure conservative organizations dot every i and cross every t, don’t seem to worry much about policing their own ranks.

An inspector general’s report made public this week revealed that more than 1,100 IRS employees who owed back taxes received $1 million in bonuses from the agency.

It gets worse: The inspector general also found that between Oct. 1, 2010 and Dec. 31, 2012, more than 2,800 employees with recently documented “conduct issues resulting in disciplinary action” were handed $2.8 million in bonuses. They also received 27,000 in paid time off from work.

Good heavens. Taxpayers’ money was used to reward IRS employees who were disciplinary problems. Others who either couldn’t do their own taxes properly or cheated on them also were rewarded.

You know what’s next:?IRS officials say they will make improvements.

Dare we say it? Your tax collectors at work …