Stop the ‘Green’ Waste in Ohio

Ohioans already are paying electric bills hundreds of millions of dollars higher than necessary because of the state’s alternative energy mandates. They will continue to rise – perhaps irreversibly – unless state legislators abandon their plan.

In the middle of the “green” energy propaganda boom, the General Assembly in 2008 approved a mandate that electric utilities must obtain 25 percent of their power from “renewable” sources by 2025. Of that, at least half must come from sources such as solar and wind energy.

Annual benchmarks the utilities must meet have already forced them to begin buying power more expensive than they could be using. Costly energy efficiency requirements have added to the expense.

State Senate President Keith Faber, R-Celina, says the cost to consumers has been high. “We’ve spent $1.1 billion since 2009” on the energy mandates, he said about a week ago.

Faber and other lawmakers worried about forcing costly “green” rules on consumers want to call a halt to the program. Their plan would cancel the next 11 years of alternative power requirements.

Such recognition that Ohioans were sold a bill of goods on “green” energy is long overdue. Lawmakers should make the correction.