Stop Vandalism Of Political Signs

Candidates for public office in our area tend to behave like ladies and gentlemen, focusing on issues. Handshakes are far more common than harsh words and boorish behavior.

Occasionally, some candidates’ supporters get carried away, however. That may be what happened when someone tried repeatedly to set a local board of education candidate’s sign on fire.

Campaign signs seem to be the targets of choice in the rare races when things get out of hand in politics. Sometimes they are simply removed. Sometimes they are defaced.

Finding the culprits can be difficult, especially because they tend to strike during the dead of night.

But those responsible should reflect that modern technology makes it easier to catch someone in the act of vandalism. One never knows when a small electronic device is recording what goes on …

If you are a candidate for office and some of your supporters may be, shall we say, overly energetic and perhaps immature, remind them you intend to conduct your campaign responsibly. Then remind them of the consequences of getting caught vandalizing a candidate’s campaign sign.