Exercise Caution In Work Zones

Heavy wintertime damage to highways in our area means local and state crews already are out in force attempting to make repairs. As the weather grows warmer, the activity will intensify.

That means hundreds of workers will be at risk of serious injury or death -from careless, inattentive or reckless drivers. In addition, many motorists who do try to follow the rules will be involved in accidents caused by the others.

Last year in West Virginia alone, there were more than 450 crashes at work sites. Two people were killed.

West Virginia Division of Highways officials have launched a campaign to stress the importance of safety in highway work zones. They should not have to remind motorists of that.

It should be obvious that when traveling through work zones, motorists should slow down and pay very close attention. It’s just common sense.

What does that say about drivers who don’t exercise appropriate caution in work zones? Please, slow down, pay attention – and maybe save a life.