Fighting Ongoing War Against Drugs

Belmont County law enforcement agencies made several arrests during a drug sweep Sunday and Monday. The initiative resulted in the arrests of people from Martins Ferry, Yorkville, Belmont, Bellaire, Powhatan Point, Cambridge and Columbus.

Clearly, police and sheriff’s deputies scored a major success. But for the drug trafficking industry – and it has become just that – the raids were no more than a bump in the road. Arrests made Sunday and Monday merely reduce competition with which the hundreds of remaining drug pushers in East Ohio must contend.

Law enforcement officers and officials know that. Their dual goal is to put as many drug traffickers as possible behind bars while sending a message East Ohio is a risky place for the others to do business.

That is an arduous, often frustrating process. But they do chalk up major successes, including that during the past week. Little by little, they are determined to eliminate the scourge of drug trafficking. For that, they deserve high praise.