It’s Important To Vote Tuesday

Too many voters react to elections such as that scheduled Tuesday in West Virginia with unmitigated apathy. After all, it’s “just” a primary and it isn’t even a presidential election year.

That’s a real shame. Primary elections are important if only because they allow Democrats and Republicans to select the best candidates for the general election.

But balloting on Tuesday will be of critical importance for another reason. It serves as the deciding factor for those seeking county board of education seats. Winners will take office. In addition, two Northern Panhandle counties have property tax levies to be voted up or down.

Brooke County voters will elect three board of education members. They also will decide the fate of levies that support fire departments, ambulance services, libraries and several other important programs.

Hancock Countians also will fill three school board seats. There are four candidates, so someone will be disappointed.

In Marshall County, an even bigger race is involved. Seven candidates are vying for three board of education positions.

Nowhere is the election more important than in Ohio County. Here, a tax levy to provide absolutely essential support for the school system is on the ballot. In addition, seven people are seeking three openings on the school board.

Tyler County voters also will have to decide board of education races. Five candidates are seeking three spots.

Wetzel County voters have it easier, with three people running for the three open school board posts.

In many ways, no elected offices in our counties are more important than the boards of education. They set policy that affects thousands of young people each year.

It may be “only” a primary election Tuesday – but it’s final in some ways. Polls open at 6:30 a.m. and close at 7:30 p.m.

Vote. It’s important.